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This is where the news is posted for The Sim Hut- Secure. But not just any news. This news is for you VIP's only! Let's consider it Insider News!

The official release date on The Sims 2 has finally been announced. It's not tentative anymore. The date The Sims 2 crew has set is February 15, 2004. So just hold on for a couple more months. Trust us it's worth it! Oh, and try the demo for basic gameplay and the revamped create-a-sim mode. It's coming in September 2003!

The Sims 2: Build up to four stories!

More Sims action:
The Sims: Makin' Magic and The Sims: Bustin' Out
Makin' Magic is set to be released early October, it's to be the last expansion to the coveted Sims collection. It will introduce a new world of magic and skeletons and ghost and witchcraft. You can hire skeletons to clean house. Or try and murder another sim with a spell.
Bustin' Out is the first expansion to The Sims for the PS2, it will be like house party for the PC, you leave the house, party all night long with your date, get drunk, go home and sleep, try and get a promotion the next morning. Trust us this is even better than House Party and Livin' Large combined!!!

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