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Here are some of the cheats for The Sims, if you know a cheat that isn't listed here, then e-mail me at or

While playing a game press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C and a cheat box will show up enter one of following codes to trigger a game reaction.
rosebud= 1,000 simoleans in the patched version*
klaupacius= 1,000 simoleans in the unpatched version*
music= toggle music
crash= crash the game
edit_char= edit your character
move_objects on= lets you move objects you normally couldn't
move_objects off= returns your deleting limitations to normal
quit= quit game
rotation [0-3]= rotate the camera
save= save currently loaded house
sim_speed [0-1000]= set game speed
lot_size [number]
cam_mode= toggle camera mode
music= toggle music
sound= toggle soudn
soundevent= trigger sound event
*After entering this code, bring up the box again and begin to type!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;! but make a mistake then press enter. The screen should say No Such Cheat, then press and hold enter until you have the maximum number of simoleans.
This is my best cheat, here it is:
Go to the cheat box and enter "move_objects on" then save the game. Now go into buy mode and click on your sim(sometimes they need to be walking to do this). Then when you have them selected it will say "press delete to dispose of unknown". Delete them. Then go to live mode the sim(s) you just deleted will have a red crossfire in the corner. Click on their portrait, your sim should reappear with full moods and be very happy. Note: if you delete all the sims in the house at once while in live mode when the sims are deleted time be automatically set to ultra until a sim is in the house.

Cheat Code Central is not allowed to post my cheat on their site, and they never will be!